Have you ever seen a guy or a girl at the gym scoop some powder into a shake with water, and drink it before hitting the weights? Then you’ve probably encountered someone drinking some form of pre workout supplement. Most of you already know that though, if you have a slight interest in working out. But you people who haven’t been interested in supplements before, pay attention to this article.

Firstly, why do people even use these sort of supplements? The general cause to this phenomenon is that the body usually requires energy both mentally and physically during a workout, which a lot of people want to avoid, since it affects the rest of the workout and probably the remainder of your day. When walking/biking/driving home from the gym you often feel exhausted and want to go to bed. This feeling is not always the best to have if you have other duties to tend to later on, and therefore some people use pre workout supplements. But most people use them to enhance and maintain their physical performance during a workout.

But what effects should a good pre workout have for you? There are numerous ways a pre workout can affect you, most of them for the better but some of them for the worse. The best pre workout supplement for you is the one that makes you feel good. You should absolutely not feel discomfort, and if you do, switch the supplement you are using. All of them affect you differently (it is very individual), so you must find the one that fits you the best.

Here is a list of what a pre workout should do to you:

* Primarily, you should feel much energized for a long period of time, at least for the whole workout session. But you should absolutely not be too energetic, since it can make you lose focus.

* You should feel greatly focused. This is really important, since you want to be able to pay attention to what you are doing and not just lose everything. If you feel unfocused, you should consider changing your supplement.

* You should also feel that you have better endurance so that your performance will be better.

These are the main things a pre workout supplement should do to you. If they don’t, try another one. But there are also several things that you should look out for when trying pre workouts. Here is a list of some common effects: for more information visit our sit  www.embraceyouhealth.com .

* Your body is shaking slightly. This is not very good, and it is a sign that you won’t be able to keep your focus. This is most often caused by too much caffeine, and it usually happens to people who do not usually consume coffee.

* Your body is itching. Some people report that their skin is itching. Not like normal itching, more like a freakishly tingling feeling. This is something that makes you feel discomfort (most of the times), and should be avoided.

* You feel rage and anger. This is not the ultimate goal of a pre workout. Some people like this feeling because it makes them perform better. It is up to you if you like it, but I would not recommend it. It makes you lose focus and you could actually be a danger to other people. But as I previously mentioned, every effect is individual.

* Dizziness is also quite common. This should not be the case, but if it happens, change what pre workout you are currently using.

These are pretty much the best guidelines you can be given when starting to use these sort of supplements. Look for the positive effects mentioned earlier, and try to avoid the negative ones. Hopefully you will find a good supplement to that works as the best pre workout for you! But for some people, supplements aren’t the best. Then you can try out different food and snacks, but that is a different subject. Now head down to your local gym shop and purchase some of that pre workout powder!

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