Searching for natural health products on the Internet has interested me for years and I spend many hours every day following international developments and research results in this field. There is a huge range of products and the science or research behind them varies wildly. From medically sound and approved studies to real scams or anecdotal results. There are often very conflicting results or opinions, and it is often difficult for the average consumer to separate the wheat from the chaff. To accept that a natural health product has a positive effect, I have to see a significant number of well-designed studies conducted over several years that show significant positive results in the vast majority of cases (not necessarily in all cases).


Reliable toxicity studies should be conducted in parallel with this study to demonstrate the safety of products for consumers.

Once we get to this point, I will be really interested and recommend the product. However, before it can be fully accepted by consumers, it must be accepted and recommended by healthcare professionals. This final step can take many years, and due to a lack of acceptance by healthcare professionals, some beneficial foods are not used as widely as they should, even if there is strong evidence for their use.


The product that I think fits perfectly with this development and is currently my choice, since the most important natural health product in the world is omega-3. heart and brain were available about 8 years ago, but consumer acceptance is relatively low. At the time, some medical professionals supported its use, and over the past 8 years, this medical adoption has grown along with consumer health products use, both of which are growing rapidly every year.


Further research confirmed the initial results and suggested some additional benefits, a list of all the benefits is in a separate article. Suffice it to say that I think everyone should take this product except those who eat fish several times a week. In an exercise I did to try and turn the benefits shown in the studies into real health benefits, he showed in monetary terms that all insurance companies would be very well paid to provide all their customers with free omega-3 fatty acids. Their payouts will be much higher. reduced, much more than the cost of omega-3 fatty acids. This means that for a person, taking omega-3 fatty acids is the cheapest health insurance they can find.

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